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Season Team API

The season team stats API gives the stats of the required team for the overall season and also it will provide the season-wise stats data. In response, it will have the different data stats points of the raid, tackles, and team success rate and much more.


  • Method: GET
  • Params:
    • access_token - Required.
  • URL Params:

    • SEASON_KEY: Key of the season
    • SEASON_TEAM_KEY: Key of the season team.

    Get the different season team key from Season API, and Match API


  • - list of object.





  "Etag": "1543052418.0",
  "cache_key": "kabaddi|season|pkl_2018|team|pkl_2018_tamil_thalaivas",
  "data": {
    "key": "tamil_thalaivas",
    "name": "TAMIL THALAIVAS",
    "players": {
      "abhinandan_chandel": {
        "key": "abhinandan_chandel",
        "name": "Abhinandan Chandel",
        "role": "raider",
        "short_name": "Abhinandan Chandel"
      "aja_thakur": {
        "key": "aja_thakur",
        "name": "Ajay Thakur",
        "role": "raider",
        "short_name": "Ajay Thakur"
      "ami_hooda": {
        "key": "ami_hooda",
        "name": "Amit Hooda",
        "role": "defender_right_corner",
        "short_name": "Amit Hooda"
      "anand": {
        "key": "anand",
        "name": "Anand",
        "role": "raider",
        "short_name": "Anand"
      "anil_kumar_raider": {
        "key": "anil_kumar_raider",
        "name": "Anil Kumar",
        "role": "raider",
        "short_name": "Anil Kumar"
      "athul_ms": {
        "key": "athul_ms",
        "name": "Athul MS",
        "role": "raider",
        "short_name": "Athul MS"
      "c_arun": {
        "key": "c_arun",
        "name": "C. Arun",
        "role": "defender_left_cover",
        "short_name": "C. Arun"
      "csi_park": {
        "key": "csi_park",
        "name": "Chan Sik Park",
        "role": "all_rounder",
        "short_name": "Chan Sik Park"
      "d._gopu": {
        "key": "d._gopu",
        "name": "D. Gopu",
        "role": "defender_right_left_corner",
        "short_name": "D. Gopu"
      "darshan_j": {
        "key": "darshan_j",
        "name": "Darshan J.",
        "role": "defender_right_cover",
        "short_name": "Darshan J."
      "hemant_chauhan": {
        "key": "hemant_chauhan",
        "name": "Hemant Chauhan",
        "role": "all_rounder",
        "short_name": "Hemant Chauhan"
      "jam_lee": {
        "key": "jam_lee",
        "name": "Jae Min Lee",
        "role": "defender_left_corner",
        "short_name": "Jae Min Lee"
      "jas_singh": {
        "key": "jas_singh",
        "name": "Jasvir Singh",
        "role": "raider",
        "short_name": "Jasvir Singh"
      "k._jayaseelan": {
        "key": "k._jayaseelan",
        "name": "K. Jayaseelan",
        "role": "raider",
        "short_name": "K. Jayaseelan"
      "man_chhillar": {
        "key": "man_chhillar",
        "name": "Manjeet Chhillar",
        "role": "all_rounder",
        "short_name": "Manjeet Chhillar"
      "ponparthiban_subramanian": {
        "key": "ponparthiban_subramanian",
        "name": "Ponparthiban Subramanian",
        "role": "defender_right_cover",
        "short_name": "Ponparthiban Subramanian"
      "prathap": {
        "key": "prathap",
        "name": "D. Pradap",
        "role": "all_rounder",
        "short_name": "D. Pradap"
      "suk_hedge": {
        "key": "suk_hedge",
        "name": "Sukesh Hegde",
        "role": "raider",
        "short_name": "Sukesh Hegde"
      "sunil_defender": {
        "key": "sunil_defender",
        "name": "Sunil",
        "role": "defender_left_corner",
        "short_name": "Sunil"
      "sur_singh": {
        "key": "sur_singh",
        "name": "CPO Surjeet Singh",
        "role": "raider",
        "short_name": "Surjeet Singh"
      "victor_obiero": {
        "key": "victor_obiero",
        "name": "Victor Onyango Obiero",
        "role": "all_rounder",
        "short_name": "Victor Obiero"
      "vimal_raj_v": {
        "key": "vimal_raj_v",
        "name": "Vimal Raj V",
        "role": "all_rounder",
        "short_name": "Vimal Raj V"
    "season": {
      "key": "pkl_2018",
      "name": "Pro Kabaddi 2018",
      "short_name": "PK 18"
    "short_name": "TT"
  "expires": "1543052418.0",
  "status": true,
  "status_code": 200,
  "version": "2.0.3"
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